I began commuting by bicycle in 2005.  The price of gasoline had spiked to around $2.50 a gallon and it was my small way to protest what seemed like absolute greed on the part of the oil companies.  Of course since then, I’ve learned a lot about what really drives gas price increases; the price of crude, speculators and government – but that’s another story.  I was hooked almost from day one and now I ride virtually every day- rain or shine – even snow – but ice, not so much.

  • 4,027 miles in 2007
  • 5,433 miles in 2008
  • 7,103 miles in 2009
  • 8,089 miles in 2010
  • 6,446 miles in 2011
  • 7,007 miles in 2012
  • 4,439 miles in 2013
  • 2,165 miles in 2014 YTD

12 thoughts on “About

  1. i am intrigued by this biking lifestyle. i can’t quite wrap my brain around several things… such as: arriving at work sweaty, how would my hair still look cute, and shoes! do you take your shoes to change into? alas, i am a slave to the fashion-gods and obviously in the wrong line of work.

    • You should look at the cycle chic link on the left. I think you’d like it – Peggy did! I’m very fortunate in that we have a large campus with facilities for me and my bike. I also keep a closet space full of clothes etc etc.

  2. Hi there, thanks for liking my post. I had a little wander around your blog and you made me want to get back on my bike. I used to be an avid commuter until a couple of incidents in London. I now live in Oslo, which is much more cycling friendly. I will be asking for tips on how to cycle in the snow in a few months 😉

  3. i too love my bikes….i have 4….picked up at garage sales over the years!
    my favorites are both by Raleigh..one is a Raleigh Banana…very nice frame and gears….i got that one for $10!
    but as you say, beats using the car (except when its pouring down!), and keeps you really fit….i recall once a lady at a coffee shop where i have my daily dose, looked at me awhile, and asked me if i was ill…i’d lost so much weight by cycling!
    great blog!

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