7 thoughts on “Temps de vélos

  1. My buddy Brad said slow spins helped with the nausea… I have no idea what your condition is, I just offer that as a friendly encouragement. Take care brother.

  2. Hang in there–keep fighting and we’ve got your back out here in the innerwebz! 🙂 I’m doing a race for my friend, Colleen, who was training for a half ironman. . . she was tired all the time, and finally went in. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia–I dedicated my race season to her. It sounds like you have a friend in Jim!

  3. Une belle idée pour se faire du “pignon” en commercialisant! 🙂 oui je sais, je déraille, il faut que je me recadre…
    Bonne journée

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