6 thoughts on “Long temps à venir

  1. Okay, you you were just a LITTLE less wordy than I was…LOL!! As a Canadian, I must ask you if you are French or French Canadian. All your post titles are in very accurate french. Just wondering.

      • Rage would be pretty normal, I would think. You spend much of your life being fit, doing all the right things, and then all of a sudden you are blindsided. You never mentioned if you had any symptoms, other than the blockage that required immediate surgery.

        • Actually I spent much of my life as a functioning alcoholic but through the grace of God was freed in 2005. No big events – just trying to get my blood pressure under control and thinking it was a short term issue – but then I discovered the incredible beauty of sobriety! A few months later I discovered the bike and bam – loving life, losing weight – BP right on the money before long. Fast forward to November 2015 – I had a few stomach issues while we were out exploring Columbus about 2 weeks before – thought I might be getting sick but then nothing – that was it and then boom. My rage during chemo was like a ricocheting bullet – it was directed at no one in particular – some times the medical community – some times at myself. Nonetheless it was all consuming at points – usually for a few days after the infusions when I was pretty much insane anyway. I will say it allowed me to produce some inspired art (I did not say good – inspiring for me). So do you undergo quarterly or semi-annual blood work too?

        • I undergo quarterly blood work, though I think it is a waste of time. My blood work at the time of my cancer diagnosis was perfection. Not one odd result. No red flags. Not even close. My GI was astonished. Even my surgeon said it was highly unusual not to see low red blood cell results and low iron. Regardless, every three months I trudge in to my local lab and get my blood drawn.

          Congratulations on seeing life through sober eyes. I grew up with an alcoholic father. It was awful.

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