Végétarien rustique

Cold and blustery this past Saturday so we took a drive down to Cincinnati to the Whole Foods Market to explore their organic (an ever growing passion in our lives) offerings.  The produce was particularly satisfying and we stocked up on a few things to add to our own organically home-grown produce. Sunday afternoon I cranked up the oven, broke out my sourdough bread dough that had been rising for 48 hours and created half a dozen of these rustic, oblong, individual-sized, vegetarian pizzas (wow that was a mouthful huh?).  And no, we didn’t eat them all – Bon appétit !  Oh and a side note worth mentioning, they are putting in a Whole Foods right  here in Dayton – before the end of the year.

vegetarian pizza

10 thoughts on “Végétarien rustique

  1. I was wondering why I don’t see your posts on my feed. And I spent the entire day figuring out my blog. Wasn’t so successful with it, guess it’s because I bought the domain. Ahhh. So much ranting on your blog. Apologies. This looks amaze.

    Happy Weekend!

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