Poteau de clôture

Something timeless about gardening and I suppose the same could be said for biking.  In both cases, the basic tenet; never give up – applies.  When we first moved to Dayton 17 years ago, I bought a dozen metal fence stakes to use for various projects around the yard and this one has been in my garden, in various capacities, since.  This year we hope to tether our giant sunflowers to it against the wind.  And if the sunflowers fail, maybe we’ll just let the morning glories climb use it – bon gré mal gré !

fence pole




5 thoughts on “Poteau de clôture

    • We’ve got some little snouted critter that wants to clip the tops off – right below the bud. My wife refuses to use anything so it’s hand-to-hand combat and I’d say they might be slightly ahead!

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