de garçon bleu

Blue Boy – like the painting – get it? Yes I know it’s a girls bike from the late 50s or early 60s but humor me here. Are bicycles an art form?  Maybe. Qu’est-ce qui rend si attachante vélos?



10 thoughts on “de garçon bleu

      • I’ve come to understand very well how people can have multiple bikes. I’m at 3 now – each beautiful and each well suited for it’s purpose. At one point it was 5. That could happen again, especially if we ever enlarge our bike shed!

        • Well I’m down to 4 but really only use two – my Bottecchia (weather bike) and my carbon fiber Fuji. I’ve seen a few older Mixte styles around town and I’d love to own one but of course my wife would have to ride it! HAHAHAH!!

        • OK so you’re only joking because you know mixtes aren’t gender specific, right? Plus you’re a secure kind of guy who can ride a vintage mixte in masculine style, I just know it. I ride only mixtes b/c a) my leg length is just short enough that I don’t get enough clearance over a diamond-frame top tube and b) I love their elegance. Both of mine are custom builds, an ANT touring bike (sturdy & heavy duty) and a Soma road bike, lighter and faster. It is pretty hard to find a new mass manufactured mixte that’s a serious bike. For that you have to go to a vintage one. Love them both for different reasons. Then there’s the Brompton, cute, spunky, maneuverable – great in the city and for trips where you want to get around by bike at your destination. I ride the Brompton the least often, but I love it and so far don’t want to part with it.

        • Yes that would be my Soma Buena Vista. There’s a misperception out there that mixtes are “ladies bikes.” Nope – at least not those designed for serious cycling. Here’s one source: Here’s another: Something goofy happened to part of the text in the pdf but you can read most of it. I think the misperception about mixtes being ladies’ bikes (i.e. not “real bikes”) comes from 3 sources 1) the lack of top tube means that if you want to you can ride it in a skirt, 2) most modern mass made mixtes are lower-quality low-end bikes not suitable for distances or varied terrain, or expensive Dutch and English bikes that are very comfortable and lovely but super heavy, which makes them great for some purposes but not for others and 3) you see lots of references to them as ladies bikes which helps fix the idea in our minds. My (male) fiance just expressed a wish to own Rivendell’s latest mixte and lately I see more and more men riding them. So, hey if you want to buy one of those older mixtes you’ve seen, go for it.

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