Chat froid

January finished as a complete blow out! Days on end off the bike due to the unprecedented cold and ice. To give you an idea of how bad things have been, my wife took this picture of her cat just as she found her in the middle of the day, having tucked herself into our bed!



13 thoughts on “Chat froid

  1. It is nice this cat hidden well in the bed.
    At home very cold weather. At home softness, rain, storms and floods… or go the world…
    Good evening and good Sunday well with the heat.

    • I think you got our weather from yesterday over there. I got out and managed 20 miles checking my route from home to near the office. I don’t feel the same when I go for long periods of time off the bike – a weekend is one thing but an entire week or worse is awful !! Ride while you can!

      • Glad you were able to get in the 20 mile ride. We got very lucky with some warmer weather this weekend. Got 2 rides in. Short ones that added up to 35 miles. And now I feel 100% better! More cold weather heading our way in the coming week possibly with some snow, so glad it was possible and pleasant to ride this weekend.

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