Temperatures plummeting below the freezing mark in Dayton but as usual, your body quickly adjusts. Off the bike today and on a nice little play day in Cincinnati. A bit of Christmas shopping and our lunch on the river overlooking the Cincinnati skyline.



6 thoughts on “Cincinnati

    • We’ve been in Dayton since 1997 and really haven’t given Cincinnati or Columbus the attention they deserve – we’ve done better this year but there is lots to explore in both places. I see you’re having a pretty good year on the bike – my year is pretty weak – disappointing really – some of it due to emphasis on our old house (110 years old) and the gardens. I’m okay with that but the issues with my will and desire in tough weather situations etc really bother me. . . .need to man-up!

      • Thanks – I feel your pain though brother. Finding the chops when it’s so cold it hurts isn’t easy. And the old home… Amazing and beautiful as they are, they’re a lot of work.

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