Vieille fenêtre – abeille fatigué

After a ferocious surge of summer-like heat and humidity, we appear to be settling into fall. Brisk and beautiful during my bike commutes all last week.  In fact, I had to break out some fleece several mornings!  Looks like another great week ahead and time to start shutting down our garden – prepping for winter and next year.  In other bike news, my lovely wife is enjoying her new road bike and the associated benefits – such as getting somewhere in a hurry! Bonheur !



7 thoughts on “Vieille fenêtre – abeille fatigué

  1. At my home also the autumn comes, rain and fresh time, it is the end for our gardens… It is necessary to think in the next year.
    I adore the bee on your photo.
    Good evening to you. Vever

  2. Yes we too were in the fierce grip of summer and then, voila, perfect fall weather all week and weekend long. A beautiful week for your wife to enjoy her new bike! Our garden produced mixed results this year, some successes, some failures and a surprise watermelon vine.

    • Every year we have a vine or two crawl out of our compost pile. Normally, since we don’t water them not much happens other than a large fruitless vine. Same this year but about 7 or 8 years ago we had some kind of squash that had crossed and we ate this delicious summer squash hybrid all summer long!

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