La Nourriture Biologique

We love kale and grow it every year. Over the course of the last 10 years or so as we’ve become more and more health conscious, we’ve transitioned into a completely organic garden. The good news of course is the effect on our health but the bad news has been, for a number of years, some of our favorite foods – like this super food, kale cannot stand up to the constant assault by certain pests that also like kale.  This year the kale has been rebounding nicely after an earlier attack and I couldn’t figure out why until this morning.  Behold! Our friend the praying mantis who would not have survived the pesticides years ago is now flourishing in our gardens. Bravo!



4 thoughts on “La Nourriture Biologique

  1. They are magnificent your kales, I know this variety…
    Magnificent praying mantis.
    Good luck for the gardening and good evening.

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