Jardins de cuisine de France

Raining here in Dayton today and certainly enough to keep us off the roads (on our bikes) and out of our garden.  Still, the weather is improving as the temperatures warm up and the week ahead looks reasonable – a little rain but not enough to keep me off the bike.  My order from Johnnys Seeds arrived yesterday so I’ll start a few more seeds in our basement planting/growing room – Epazote and Tuscan Kale and bake a fresh baguette for dinner.  Below is my current read – put a bakers hat on the guy in the picture and that could be me. Les pommes de terre ?



4 thoughts on “Jardins de cuisine de France

  1. I have a few things in so I’ll take consolation in the fact it’s good for the garden. A couple of kinds of small carrots, beets, chard and kale doing fairly well out there – now if I can just restrain myself on the basil and tomato plants in my basement that are just aching to get outside!

  2. What a marvelous photo by Robert Doisneau I presume . I would like to add that “pommes de terre” as “potatoes” is the generic term, and as you seems very francophile you can add the exact name of your potatoes as exemples for the French gardeners: BF15, belle de Fontenay , sirena, franceline , rate de Noirmoutier,…….because there is a lot of different potatoes (probably 300) with for each of them a precise use : for salad, for soup, for gratin, for frites, for steam .
    Have an excellent day, here the delay in the garden is around 2 weeks !.


    • I think you’re right on Doisneau. I first came across his work about 12 years ago on this site: http://tinyurl.com/4ojg6zd
      Regarding the potatoes, i wanted to say, “potatoes anyone?” and could not figure out how to say that so it made sense. My French is terrible and while I try to submerse myself in it as much as possible it doesn’t seem like much sticks for all the effort! So, can you recommend a website that gives detail on the potatoes grown and used in France? Thanks again – I always look forward to your comments.

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