Crème de la Récolte

Maybe calling this gorgeous old Concord the cream of the crop is a stretch, but relative to age and condition, I haven’t seen many better or even this good.  I had to travel to Columbus yesterday on business and came across this beauty locked to a sign outside of the parking garage. At first I thought it was a complete rebuild but a closer look reveals this thing is pretty much stock standard!  I’d have to guess it’s been hanging in someones garage for several decades.  My white Schwinn Le Tour was like this when I found it – of course I ride it, so it’s not pristine anymore.  A parting thought on these 70s and 80s steel road bikes – they ride like Cadillacs .  Here is a another view of this bicycle.

black concord bw


7 thoughts on “Crème de la Récolte

  1. Yeah, looks nice. I have a 1980s Raleigh. Reynolds 531 Chromoly tubing. It really does ride well. This is because carbon fibre and aluminium do not flex. They are very rigid. Steel, like titanium has flex and give, which makes for a nicer ride. Its a shame they stopped putting on the extra brake levers, those were great.


  2. Actually, I might have a notion on this. My bike was originally owned by a woman. Womens legs, in relation to their bodies, are longer than males. So in order to ride a bike that wasn’t a heavy step through, women of the time would have to opt for mens bikes. This means that women in the 80s would have to buy a larger frame in order to get the right seatpost length. Unfortunately they did end up stretched due to the longer top tube. This is the only thing I can think of.


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