Bleu de Vélos Schwinn

Windy and well under our seasonal norms but the weather was good enough to get back on the bike. As I look back at March I’m reminded of how very little it takes to derail my personal mileage goals.  A few days out of town, some unexpected snow and ice, a surprise round with the flu and voilà ! Turning to other issues, have I mentioned my addiction problem?  I’m addicted to vintage bikes and in particular 70’s and 80’s 10 and 12 speed bikes.  I really don’t have room to store them nor do I have the time and ambition to properly restore them. Still, it’s an ongoing battle on every country drive, every garage sale and any time fate fails me.  Here is a blue Schwinn I loved from minute one!  Fortunately, we were on a pleasure trip and it would have been highly impractical to drag her home.  Sigh. . .Je me demande où elle vit maintenant.

blue schwinn


4 thoughts on “Bleu de Vélos Schwinn

  1. So many bikes, so little time–and yet time enough for more bikes. Yes. This is familiar. I also remember a time when a lot of the business at the bike shop was changing “marshmallow” tires like the one on your Schwinn. I’m guessing I’m a bit shorter than you; I could only pedal that bike if I put a leg through the frame instead of over it.

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