Encore de la neige !

I really can’t believe this!  More snow is forecast for tomorrow into Monday and I will lose yet another day on the bike!  I had planned on  starting my tomato seeds in the basement this weekend, but there are the timing issues. With this crazy weather I have to wonder if I’d be able to move them outside by early May or forced to deal with a jungle of rapidly growing plants for an extra week or two. Here is a shot of our herb garden as it normally appears about a month from now. It’s a nice cozy little spot for an espresso or a French press and une petite pâtisserie  such as we had on our trip to Paris a few years ago. Profitez de votre week-end.

herb garden


5 thoughts on “Encore de la neige !

    • Seriously, can you believe this???? A few years ago this wouldn’t have fazed me but I’ve fallen on the ice a few times now and I don’t like it! And can you imagine the ribbing I’d take at work as some old geezer that fell off his bike and broke an arm etc etc?

      • I can’t – really it was a relatively mild winter – not much snow, we didn’t have too many bitter cold days – but man, it just won’t go away! Up here it looks like next Wednesday is the big day – temps are finally supposed to go over 40 with 50 for the weekend. FINALLY!!!

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