Baguettes Croustillant !

A recent batch of baguettes that are the absolute maximum length I can produce in a standard household oven.  The oven measures 22″ wide and two of these are over 21″ long. They’ve got a nice crunchy crust from the steam I create with ice and a water spray bottle, a great looking dusting of flour still in tact and fabulous, well-developed taste from rising in the refrigerator for over 24 hours!  C’est bon !




4 thoughts on “Baguettes Croustillant !

  1. The biggest step with these was to buy a thin, rigid piece of finished plywood wider than the oven opening. i use it to move the baguettes from their proofing area into the oven. Surprised I didn’t think of that before. As for the quality it’s a long slow rise and baked in a steam filled oven!

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