L’ail tressé

Warm and windy here in Dayton.  Looks like we should hit mid 60s no problem!  As I mentioned some time ago, we had a bumper crop of garlic last year.  It’s been great fun to have it in the barn, pretty much at our fingertips whenever we need it.  Here is one of the braids still looking good after the long cold winter.  Doing some sauce, homemade pasta and a baguette (of course) this afternoon! In bike news, looks like a wet and windy ride to work tomorrow!  C’est la vie. . .

garlic braid

5 thoughts on “L’ail tressé

  1. We had the same beautiful weather this weekend, with warnings of cooler temps to come. Any tips on long term storage of garlic and keeping it fresh? We had some trouble with cloves rotting or sprouting. Planted some of the sprouted cloves. Maybe we’ll be growing garlic this year.

    • This is the first time we’ve kept it out in our drafty calving barn and amazingly it came through the winter with flying colors! We’ve tried the basement before with poor results so who knows! I would definitely try to plant it rather than letting it rot though!

      • You know, I think for next year we should keep any excess garlic in our bike shed. We’re suburbanites and don’t have a barn, but the shed is unheated and drier than our basement. I bet that would work better. Thanks!

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