Samedi, Mars Neuvième

Off to Cincinnati this morning for a little bike shopping and hopefully, to catch a few pictures in the Findlay Market area.  A pretty decent spring day in the forecast with sunshine and highs near 50! Here’s yet another shot from our garden – yes we love sunflowers! My kale and of frisée have germinated and are now under grow lights in the basement – come on spring!



4 thoughts on “Samedi, Mars Neuvième

  1. Excellent photography skills if I may add. Do you find sunflowers attract ladybugs? We planted them one year & there were so many flying around our yard. I do enjoy how the sunflower always faces the sun – it’s so cool, if only I taped how it “turns” towards the sun.

  2. Thank you. I haven’t notice lady bugs but they do pull in the bees like crazy which presents us with a difficult dilemma. We have some other kind of insect that frequently clips the developing buds by chewing into the stem a few inches below the bud base. We could nuke the plants with Sevin or some other insecticide I suppose but we don’t like insecticides to start with and we’re not going to jeopardize the bees. So, we’ll continue to look for alternatives.

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