Mûrir Tomates

Down in the basement finally starting some of our favorite crops; basil, frisee and Tuscan kale (Lacinato).  We’ll start tomatoes in about 3 weeks.  We like yellow brandywines because they are heirloom, big and unlike many yellows, taste like tomatoes.  We’ll do a few Mr. Stripies mostly for the color – some kind of hybrid red like Top Sirloin and I’m leaning toward a pleated beauty called Genovese to round it out.  Yes we grow way too many tomatoes. In bike news the Bottecchia is spotless and ready to roll but another shaky forecast for the week ahead so I’m ready with one of my old Schwinns with fenders and aggressive road tires if necessary.

ripening tomatoes


8 thoughts on “Mûrir Tomates

  1. I want to pick up a steel bike – BAD, but I’m waiting for somebody to trade in an Assenmacher – he doesn’t make ’em anymore… Maybe if I ask, really, really nice.

        • Yeah surprising how no one ever notices hills in a car and then you get out on your bike and it’s a different world. That said, if you are going to ride a bicycle you have to embrace the hills and wind and rain and cold and etc etc etc

  2. Beautiful. Tomatoes are very good for you. 🙂 My grandma grew way too many last year and canned them. My family and I still have tons and tons of canned tomatoes. And we’re about to start growing more. I can’t wait till spring here in the U.S. We’re just now seeing the first signs of it in the south.

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