Vélo Comme l’Art

A bicycle maintenance session this afternoon – not my favorite thing to do.  I love to ride them but working on them, not so much. On top of that another bleak weather forecast for the upcoming week!  Plenty of rain and snow to keep it cold and sloppy all week!  On a more positive note, a great weekend in the oven – bagels, baguettes, financiers and some sourdough, super thin crust pizzas. The pizzas are very minimalistic with a simple sauce, a touch of cheese, some finely slices veggies and a dusting of marinated peppercorns.  Now if I could only figure out a way to make a living creating these small batches of specialized baked goods, taking pictures of them and then enjoying them with my wife!

bicycle as art LRRear cog set from my Bottecchia


4 thoughts on “Vélo Comme l’Art

  1. Dido to only riding bikes! I only do maintenance when I really need to – which pretty much means driving to my local bike shop with my bike & let them do the work! Pizza with simple toppings are classic – I like mine with pesto.

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