Mangez Bien, Riez Souvent, Aimez Beaucoup

Last weekend I discovered les financiers (lay fee nahn see ay) and I didn’t think things could get much better but then I turned the page in my Bouchon baking book and found Les Chocolate Financiers! Voilà ! Moist, full of homemade almond flour and oozing the dark chocolate I chopped up – yes of course I doubled what the recipe called for!

chocolate financiers



10 thoughts on “Mangez Bien, Riez Souvent, Aimez Beaucoup

    • Well being in the US I thought the phonetic spelling was the least I could do! I have been trying to learn French since we visited Paris a few years ago; Hence the frequent French post titles. Just one more way to practice and expose myself to the language. Very slow going at my age, but I am nothing, if not persistent.

    • Thanks! They are absolutely addictive – I think it’s the almond flour. I was so enamored with them the first time I saw them I ran out and bought a special pan configured to bake narrow and tall muffins. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective, this last batch did not achieve the look I was after – that of a tiny cake. This batch looks more like muffins – can’t have that! I’ll redo Thursday night and send them off with my wife and her friends on their BSF weekend.

      • They look beautiful and delicious. I agree they do look like muffins. Not knowing they are not meant to look that way I wasn’t and still am not in the least perturbed! Good luck with the next try.

    • I was disappointed that they looked like muffins (even though they were delicious) so I tried again and didn’t fill the mold up enough and they turned out very small. I’ll try again this weekend and I’m confident we’ll be right where I want them to be! Thanks by the way!

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