Joie de Vivre !

Sitting here pondering another sub-zero (with windchill effects) ride into work tomorrow morning!  Wonder if I’m getting too old for some of this but then I think about what lies ahead and a few minutes of paging through some summer pictures and I’m good to go again!  One of our favorite meals is grilled veggies straight out of the garden and cooked over a wood fire.  Here’s a dish with cipollini onions, tons of garlic, carrots and green beans – all freshly picked, tossed with olive oil and lemon – voilà ! There was a nice crusty loaf of sourdough with this particular meal and a gorgeous salad my wife made with fresh greens and calendula too but one picture is enough for now. Joie de Vivre !



9 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre !

  1. I have one of those veggie pans – best thing I ever bought for veggies – I LOVE that pan! BTW, green beans are awesome cooked over an open fire… Olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, cook ’em minimally, then spritz with lemon juice. 😉

    • Actually we do live in a 110 year old farmhouse on a few acres. (yes always something to fix!) We are on the outskirts of fairly high population base to our west and of course Dayton to our south. Still it has a rural feel to it for the most part. As for the bakery (boulangerie) part it’s still a daydream but as I edge closer to retirement (as if there were such a thing in this day and age) you never know what the next step might be. I’m actually working on a business plan for it right now in the SBA portal!

  2. One day I’ll visit your region, and I eat so much Italian in my life, so many ways to make the sauces of tomatoes… But that’s look good… Bien, le français est plus facile pour moi…

    Bonne journée ou bonne soirée

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