The Drought of 2012

The drought here in Ohio continues.  I took this shot of a parched soybean field while I was running errands at lunch (on my bike of course).  It’s a few miles from the office and the corn fields I see on the way home are in the same shape! Last year was one of the wetter years on record and this year is one of the drier.  C’est la vie huh?


3 thoughts on “The Drought of 2012

  1. we’ve no drought here in Hamburg, Germany. But often the same kind of adventure-clouds – grey, sometimes black, than raining again. In Hamburg it’s called “Schietwetter” – kind of awful raining. . . . .

  2. Riding a bike is the best way to see what is going on around you. Walking is too slow and covers too little ground, a car is too… well, you know.

    Thanks for sharing – hope you get some rain soon.

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