La Panaderia Mexicana El Ranchito

I see this nice little Mexican bakery whenever I take the most direct route to work. That’s right, a fine summer morning and I’m beating it into the office for meetings! I’d like to know what all they’re baking in there because it smells delicious when I ride by.  This shot is from about 6:00am but I have passed by much earlier on a number of occasions and just like the donut shop further down the road, La Panaderia is always busy, busy!


6 thoughts on “La Panaderia Mexicana El Ranchito

  1. When we vacation in Catalina and Carpinteria, the local Mexican bakeries are a morning ritual. They make the best coffee and the grandsons enjoy a sprinkled donut. Looking forward to next month’s island visit where the coffee is just feet from the sand, refills for 50 cents. I know what you mean about that enticing smell. Here in Chico my Jazzercise Center is in a strip mall right next door to a popular Mexican bakery. During morning classes the freshed baked bread aroma is piped into our work-outs. So hard to walk right by on the way to my car.

    • I wonder what they use for coffee? We drink a lot of Lavazza but i am always curious when I see the various Mexican coffee brands at some of the stores where we shop – particularly Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati.

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