Schwinn World Sport (circa 1980s)

Gorgeous day out and a spin up to the Goodwill to find a few picture frames to refurbish for my ongoing Paris picture wall.  As I came out with my second hand treasure up rides a guy on this 80s vintage Schwinn World Sport.  Look at the condition of this thing! I’ll be it sat in someone’s garage for the last 30 years – even the tires look original! I guarantee he had no clue what he had.  Probably lucked out and bought it at a garage sale or even this very store for $20! So what if someone swapped out the original handlebars – I should be so lucky!

(click to enlarge and view detail)

World Sport (1979-1984) Schwinn’s Chicago factory could not manufacture lug framed bikes. This chrome-moly racer was imported from Japan and Taiwan.


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